Webinar Series: Purchased Services Lifecycle Management

Part II: Establishing a governance process

Wednesday, April 10th
1 pm PST / 2 pm MST / 4 pm ES

What are purchased services and why are they important? Join us to learn this and more as we uncover the veil of misconceptions surrounding this relatively ignored area of operational spend. 

About this webinar series:


Purchased services pose an estimated $39 Billion spending oversight across American hospitals. This webinar series provides a comprehensive overview of end-to-end purchased services lifecycle management. 

Whether you are just embarking on a purchased services strategy or looking to bring added value to your existing program, our sourcing experts will share our best practices in this six-part series:

  • Misconceptions about purchased services within your organization 
  • Establishing an unrestrictive governance process
  • Developing a specialized approach for benchmarking
  • Scaling your impact through program automation
  • Enforcing eSourcing best practices
  • Sourcing complex categories

Webinar recordings will be shared with participants following each installment. Only one registration is required for all six installments in the series.