mSource® Pipeline Performance Management

Improve Performance Across the Sourcing Lifecycle

Conquer the challenges of poor data accuracy, limited time and labor resources, and insufficient market insights. Centralize your purchasing decisions, expedite your sourcing roadmap and deliver on your savings targets with ease.

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Four amazing features, one intuitive platform:

Improve Performance Management

Understand project health and create workflow efficiencies and report on KPIs with the sleek new dashboard that tracks savings goal progress, major contract milestones, and project phase and status updates.

Centralize Project Intake

Receive and prioritize stakeholder requests, centralize project documents to improve your sourcing speed, and gather decision-maker buy-in for contract negotiation and implementation.

Source Competitively

Use Medpricer’s marketplace intelligence to determine how your sourcing methods in duration and percentage saving lines up against project durations and percent savings of your peer organizations.

Increase Engagement

Maximize engagement and optimize your resources across your project pipeline, utilizing weekly check-ins to gather project updates and easily share progress and key-metrics with your leadership team.

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