mSource® Negotiate Module

Automate your Processes to get the Best Value on your Contracts

Negotiating contracts takes time and resources. But with mSource Negotiate, you can automate your sourcing process to achieve peak financial health.  Built to help negotiate any of your Supply Chain contracts, you can gather stakeholder consensus, use RFP templates built on industry best practices, and automate your contract negotiations.

Simplify Processes, Increase your Savings

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135+ Category Templates

Follow industry best-practices when creating RFPs. With over 135 categories of specialized templates, you can simplify your decision-making process later, by asking all the right questions at the start.

Real-time, Multi-round Negotiation Platform

Shorten the time it takes to negotiate contracts while optimizing contracts in order to increase savings.

  • Easily compare RFPs to leverage them while in negotiation
  • Quickly request contract changes
  • Provide real-time feedback on pricing
Centralize Supplier Interactions

Having all of your supplier interactions in one place allows you to clearly create an audit trail that houses all communications, approvals, and documents on a single platform.

Want to learn more? Read the guide: Best Practices for Benchmarking Purchased Services or contact us for an assessment of your organization’s purchased services contract spend.

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