Precision Benchmarks

Get insights specific to your organization’s unique contracts, so you know exactly how your service levels compare in the marketplace.

Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Use data intelligence to set achievable savings targets. With 70+ purchased services categories to choose from, Medpricer’s Precision Benchmark Reports compare your service level terms using a multi-factor approach that considers service levels, price, region, and more.

Save yourself the hassle and time of going through an RFP project to determine if your contracts are competitive. Use Precision Benchmark Reports to:

  • Set your annual budget
  • Identify savings potential within purchased services categories
  • Gain business justification for value analysis teams

Ultimately, Precision Benchmark Reports are used to successfully guide incumbent negotiations or to bring competitive bid to market.

Average Savings in popular Categories

Want to learn more? Read the guide: Best Practices for Benchmarking Purchased Services or contact us for a free assessment of your organization’s purchased services contract spend.

Hit Savings Targets, With Precision

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