Purchased Services Lifecycle Management Platform

With the most comprehensive solution dedicated to purchased services spend management, mSource® helps supply chains manage their sourcing roadmap, unite stakeholders, and keep RFPs moving forward. Powered by artificial intelligence and and machine learning, our predictive analytics helps you achieve financial health and keep a pulse on purchased services contracts and outcomes. 

Accelerate Your Sourcing Roadmap

With exclusive workflows that streamline the sourcing lifecycle, now you can optimize your resources to improve your contract outcomes. mSource Pipeline Performance Management 

Report on Critical Metrics
Track progress on sourcing initiatives to create efficiencies and report on department milestones

Centralize Project Intake
Receive and prioritize stakeholder requests so nothing falls through the cracks

Source Competitively
Measure sourcing duration and savings results against peer organizations to improve output

Maximize your Resources
Motivate your team to track project pipeline with weekly check-ins and timely feedback

Give your Data Purpose and Direction with Predictive Analytics


Powered by AI, you can categorize spend with speed and accuracy across 630+ categories. mSource Analytics helps you measure spend by category, supplier, or facility to find contract consolidation opportunities. Get your top 15 recommended categories with savings and improve your financial health with insights that help you identify unwanted recurring charges, major spend changes, and contract expiration by date and spend volume. 

Categorize Spend with Customized Taxonomies
Understand your savings opportunities with data displayed by supplier, category, and facility.

Category ROI Predictions
View recommended savings opportunities by category relative to sourcing difficulty and spend volume

Cognitive Data Insights
Ask deeper questions of your data to evaluate spend trends and find consolidation opportunities

Medpricer Dashboard

Inform your Sourcing Strategy with Customized and Reliable Market Insights 

Find out just how competitive your contracts are. With nearly 15 years of purchased services sourcing expertise, Medpricer is the only industry provider with insights on price by region and service-level terms. Use mSource Contract Intelligence to determine if your contract spend is in line with market trends, access category reports, and harness instant insights from your contract database. 

Medpricer Analytics

Precision Benchmark Reports
Determine how competitive your contracts are with marketplace intelligence vetted by sourcing experts

Market Overview Reports
Understand the sourcing landscape and supplier offerings in a given market 

Evaluate all of your contracts at once
Scan your entire contract database to search for and standardize terms and conditions

Negotiate More Value in Record Time With Automated Workflows

Automate your entire sourcing process to achieve financial health. Manage customer requests and get approvals, uphold RFP best practices by category, and automate contract negotiations with the mSource Negotiate module. Best of all, create an audit trail housing all communications, approvals, and documents on a single platform. It’s never been easier to find and eliminate off-contract spend.

135+ Category Templates
Accelerate RFPs with specialized templates that incorporate best-practices by category

Real-time, Multi-round Negotiation Platform
Get up to 40% time savings on incumbent and competitive negotiations

Centralize Supplier Interactions
Maintain integrity by tracking supplier communications and stakeholder request

Medpricer Teamwork

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