mSource® Predictive Plan

Set your strategic plan into action and track results

Turn your project roadmap into tangible results with mSource® Predictive Plan. Use industry insights to guide your planning process, and see it through to program execution – all in one place. We combine the speed of artificial intelligence with the diligence of human review to bring you features that enables more confident, speedy, and strategic decision making.

Get your top 15 savings opportunities

Gone are the days of time-consuming data pulls, v-lookups and pivot tables. With your contracts evaluated in the context of our spend database, the AI-powered algorithm does the heavy lifting and evaluates your top 15 savings categories with the highest ROI potential.

Let our experts weigh in

Refine your savings targets with the help of our sourcing specialists. Like a good game of chess, we’ll provide strategy recommendations based on your unique sourcing scenario. Benchmark more than just spend with access to category insights.


Set your insights in motion

Don’t let your project plans flatline. Leverage insights to orchestrate a tactical plan all from one platform. With a project card display that monitors project performance, and intuitive prompts that guide you to next steps – it’s never been easier to take action and achieve the goals set forth by your Predictive Plan.


Go beyond spend analytics. With a lifecycle approach to purchased services management, mSource® Predictive Plan​ helps you determine your sourcing roadmap and reach your savings targets.