mSource® Analytics

Improve performance across the sourcing lifecycle

Conquer the challenges of poor data accuracy, limited time and labor resources, and insufficient market insights. Centralize your purchasing decisions, expedite your savings roadmap and deliver on your savings targets with ease.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), mSource® Analytics helps you achieve better purchased services outcomes.
Quickly find savings, negotiate stronger terms, and track successes along the way.

Three amazing features, one intuitive platform:

Fast, accurate categorization

Easily measure purchased services spend with facility, supplier, and category report visualizations. 

AI Category Reports: 

  • AI classifies spend by category
  • Extensive category reports
  • Discover off-contract spend
Automated savings roadmap

See your your top savings opportunities and get a recommendation on how to optimize your ROI by category. 

Predictive Plan features:

  • See your top 15 savings opportunities
  • Get sourcing expert weigh-in without consulting fees
  • Initiate savings projects, monitor % to goal, and track momentum with project automation
Actionable insights 

Get more transparency on your contracts via cognitive insights that help you answer high-impact questions. 

Expiration Alerts features:

  • Filter contract expiration dates by spend threshold
  • Vet unwanted recurring charges
  • View contract alignment and consolidation opportunities