Medpricer Announces Record First Quarter Results

Medpricer, healthcare’s leading cost management platform for purchased services, announced record results for the first quarter ending March 31, 2016. Medpricer saw revenue growth of more than 80 percent as compared to the previous year.

“This has been our highest revenue quarter in our ten year history.” said Chris Gormley, CEO of Medpricer. “Healthcare systems are trying to cut operating costs to make-up for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Our increased revenue is driven by Medpricer’s Purchased Services system that helps healthcare systems with Medicare and Medicaid cuts by delivering significant operating cost savings.”

Our increasing revenue is reflecting the bigger demand we are seeing from healthcare organizations to uncover new ways to cut their operating costs. Our Purchased Services system helps these healthcare organizations to find guaranteed savings.

Medpricer’s purchased services solutions help healthcare systems understand what is spent in purchased services so they can take action to gain and keep savings. They consist of:

  • Medpricer Compare: Benchmarking to evaluate purchased services spend against competitive bidding results for accurate price comparisons.
  • Medpricer Discovery and Trend: Analytics to pinpoint purchased services spend and savings opportunities and see real-time costs at the category, vendor and facility level.
  • Medpricer Sourcing: A customizable blend of technology, on-demand services, process and intelligence that streamlines and maximizes the competitive bidding process resulting in immediate cost reductions and favorable contract terms.
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Premier Inc. Acquires Medpricer to Optimize Savings on Purchased Services. Medpricer will continue to provide its industry-leading, GPO-agnostic purchased services solutions. With a shared vision of margin improvement for its customers through spend transparency and diligent cost control, this announcement positions healthcare providers to negotiate stronger third-party contracts and optimize ROI.