Flexible Strategies, Solutions & Technologies that Generate Savings Faster

Medpricer offers an electronic sourcing system for Purchased Services that is comprised of 10 solutions blending technology, services, process and intelligence.

You can use our complete six-step Purchased Services Program, or build a custom system from any of our 10 solutions covering Spend Analytics, Strategy, Sourcing and Platform Technologies.

Purchased Services Spend Analytics

  • Medpricer Discovery™ Solution – Illustrates how much your organization spends by category, supplier, facility or any combination, and provides cost savings opportunities verified against our proprietary database.
  • Medpricer Blueprint™ Solution – Provides a comprehensive database of your suppliers, contractual terms and termination dates for all categories you choose to source.
  • Medpricer Trend™ Solution – Gives you ongoing Purchased Services spend and savings trend reports and analytics compared to your savings targets.

Purchased Services Strategy

  • Medpricer Roadmap™ Solution – Delivers a project and savings calendar based on your Purchased Services contracts and recommends the best savings strategies customized for your organization.
  • Medpricer Returns™ Solution – Illustrates and tracks savings levels and return on savings realized by executing the sourcing projects and timeline in Medpricer Roadmap™ Solution.

Purchased Services Sourcing

  • Medpricer 360™ Solution – Provides full service sourcing augmentation services, technology, and intelligence for large and complex competitive bidding projects.
  • Medpricer ISN™ Solution – Generates savings for categories with contractual lock-ups or stakeholders with significant incumbent preference.
  • Medpricer Boost™ Solution – Offers rigorous sourcing and technology for smaller, less complex categories.
  • Medpricer Flex™ Solution – Offers you the flexibility to choose from pre-defined bundles of services and to select the level of Medpricer service, process or intelligence you need.

Platform Technologies

  • Medpricer SourceMaster™ Portal -  Unifies Medpricer Spend Analytics, Medpricer Strategy and Sourcing Solutions into a single experience and access point under your healthcare institution's brand. Accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile.    
  • Medpricer Real-Time Moderated e-Negotiation Platform - Provides a comprehensive healthcare RFx and electronic negotiation platform. Medpricer uses its eSourcing Platform to power all its Purchased Services Sourcing Solutions and also offers it as a self-service electronic sourcing platform.  
  • Medpricer Workbench™ - Provides real-time Medpricer sourcing project monitoring and reporting. 

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