e-Sourcing Solutions for Healthcare

MedPricer is the e-Sourcing solution designed for the unique requirements of the healthcare supply chain. Our cloud-based negotiation platform provides the flexibility to source nearly every expense category in your hospital or health system.

MedPricer e-Sourcing allows hospitals to:

• Partner with top professionals experienced in medical sourcing
• Create and implement paperless RFP's in a matter of days instead of months
• Receive detailed analysis of current contracts and spend
• Negotiate contracts in a live-bid process that takes hours instead of weeks
• Realize an average savings of 21% off current spend

MedPricer sources every category of products and services for the healthcare sector, from clinical to non-clinical, high-preference to general supplies, and capital equipment to support services.

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Sourcing Made Simple

MedPricer's e-Sourcing tool is cloud-based, and only requires a computer with Internet access. There are no downloads, no expensive licensing fees, and no added burden to your technology infrastructure. MedPricer creates a secure portal for each client hospital that is password protected. Your information is always at your fingertips.

The system is also fully compatible with virtually all ERP systems (e.g. Peoplesoft, SAP, McKesson, Lawson).

MedPricer e-Sourcing Process

View each step of the MedPricer e-Sourcing process in detail.

Unparalleled Sourcing Support

MedPricer project managers assist you in creating bid specifications. Current market information is gathered to develop electronic RFPs, and numerous e-RFP templates specific to each product category are available. We also help to retrieve and verify spend data, gather relevant terms and service requirements, and find other suppliers amongst our vast service provider network that can meet your needs. MedPricer truly brings software as a service (SaaS) to the next level.

Completely Paperless

MedPricer's negotiation platform streamlines healthcare sourcing while having a distinct advantage over the traditional sourcing process - it is completely paperless. Every competing supplier's pricing proposal, terms and conditions, and subsequent negotiations are all transmitted electronically via the Internet directly to your desktop.

With all data collected electronically, side-by-side proposal comparisons can be performed instantaneously. The speed and accuracy of the complete proposal analysis enables hospitals to readily provide feedback to potential suppliers, allowing suppliers to respond to hospital requests quickly and accurately.

e-Sourcing Expertise

e-Sourcing is one of the many powerful negotiating tools we use to help buyers and sellers successfully negotiate contracts. MedPricer has the experience and expertise to ensure that your hospital or health system is getting the lowest market price. We understand the marketplace, and the changing dynamics that impact your purchasing power. Equally important, our senior management’s contacts within the supplier community ensure you are paying the lowest market prices possible.

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