Medpricer’s experience and expertise in more than 600 Purchased Services categories results in unmatched savings.


Key Categories + Associated Savings

Administrative 95%
Clinical 31%
Consulting 26%
Facilities 52%
IT 54%
Insurance 11%
Outsourced Clinical 37%
Professional Services 14%
Staffing + Recruiting 10%

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Why Purchased Services?

Purchased Services make up roughly 40% of the average hospital system’s supply chain costs, but it is an area that is notoriously difficult to define, track and source.

To date, healthcare organizations have not treated Purchased Services with the same degree of focus as MedSurg and PPI categories, but it represents an untapped source of savings that can help healthcare providers meet their budgets in an era of declining reimbursements.

What makes Purchased Services so challenging?

  • Data: No historic spend or usage data is available
  • Contracts: Missing contracts, no contracts or poorly executed contracts
  • Participation: Local facilities and stakeholders resistant to centralization
  • Incumbents: Entrenched local supplier relationships
  • Local Sourcing: Local/regional suppliers with no GPO contracts
  • Intelligence: Lack of benchmarks
  • Personnel: Insufficient dedicated staffing
  • Expertise: Lack of experience with sourcing purchased service categories
  • Tracking: No easy way to monitor new contracts and savings over time
  • Implementation: Difficult to start up with new suppliers

Medpricer meets all of those challenges

We can help you unlock your health system’s Purchased Services potential because we built the industry’s only comprehensive Purchased Services System blending cloud-based technology with on-demand professional services.

The Medpricer system:

  • Is designed uniquely for healthcare Purchased Services
  • Augments and accelerates your staff’s existing capabilities
  • Removes the most difficult and administratively time consuming aspects of sourcing projects so you can focus on strategy and stakeholders
  • Provides you with technology & E-Sourcing Tools that you can use long-term
  • Transfers knowledge to your staff so that they become Purchased Services experts
  • Is flexible so you can choose only the elements that you need now and over time

If you had basic insights into your system’s Purchased Services spend, you’d be saving around 10%. If you combined that with strategic sourcing programs, you’d be saving an average 24%.

“We get back office support and help with writing RFPs, formulating the grid, doing the comparisons, and analyzing the bids. All the hospital has to do is validate the information.”
Medpricer Customer
“I now have trusted experts who handle the heavy lifting of complex sourcing.”
Medpricer Customer
“Vendors and our colleagues from the facilities see MedPricer as an extension of our office.”
Medpricer Customer

Medpricer’s customers consistently experience a 3x reduction in the negotiation cycle and an average of 21% in cost savings without sacrificing end-user quality requirements.

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Medpricer Case Studies

In eight months, Maine Health has sourced over $5 million in Purchased Services spend and realized over $1 million or 25% in savings.

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In partnership with Medpricer, Hennepin County Medical Center has achieved high percentage savings – including 30% on one project – and evolved their in-house sourcing team to do more great work faster.

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For the past eight years, Johns Hopkins has partnered with Medpricer to source more than $444 million in spend across 106 projects saving over $82 million.

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