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Healthcare Purchased Services that blend technology, services, process and intelligence.

Process Negotiations 3X Faster and Average 24% in Savings

Process three times faster with Medpricer’s live moderated eNegotiation platform, a secure, web-based application that connects suppliers and purchasing agents in a way that simultaneously streamlines and maximizes the competitive aspect of the procurement process. The Medpricer eSource Platform is fully customizable to meet the needs of any type of RFP process or purchasing category.

The Platform gives the advantage to the buyer by allowing for real-time, sealed negotiations and the ability to leverage one vendor’s proposal against another, in a live timed event.

  • Proposals are confidential and not visible to competing suppliers
  • Built-in messaging allows for real-time feedback to individual vendors
  • Vendors can agree to new terms immediately

These negotiations result in immediate cost reductions and favorable contract terms and can be done in as little as two hours.

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Medpricer Sourcing Solutions

Medpricer 360

Medpricer 360™ is an e-s sourcing solution that provides full-service sourcing augmentation services, technology and intelligence.

  • For large and complex projects over $500,000 annual spend per competitive bid
  • Generates average savings of 16% – 23%
  • Includes staff augmentation to address the demands of local contracting & share category-specific knowledge
  • Streamlines and accelerates the RFP process
  • Captures all interactions electronically

Medpricer Boost

Medpricer Boost™ offers rigorous sourcing and technology for smaller, less complex categories.

  • For smaller projects over $150,000 annual spend per competitive bid
  • Averages 12% to 16% savings
  • Includes staff augmentation to address choke points in process & share category-specific knowledge
  • Speeds process via access to category-specific templates
  • Enhances process via efficient project management coupled with proven sourcing process
  • Captures all interactions electronically
  • Transfers knowledge to your team
Medpricer ISN

Medpricer ISN™ generates savings for categories with contractual lock-ups or stakeholders with significant incumbent preference.

  • For large projects over $500,000 annual spend per negotiation
  • Generates average savings of 8%-12%
  • Generates bonus savings previously not possible due to contractual lock-ups
  • Eliminates implementation time because the supplier does not change
  • Satisfies stakeholder demand for same supplier
  • Aligns contractual termination dates for future competitive bidding
  • Enhances existing contract terms and service levels
  • Outstanding for post-merger savings and supplier consolidation

Medpricer Flex

Medpricer Flex™ Let’s you choose from pre-defined and priced bundles of services and to select the level of Medpricer service, process or intelligence you need.

No two hospital systems are alike, and projects can also vary widely. So, Medpricer Flex™ lets you leverage the major service categories that best suit your needs. Choose from the following major service categories based on your system’s needs.

  • Contract Evaluation
  • Data Synthesis
  • Negotiation Preparation
  • Supplier Outreach
  • Negotiation
  • Award Analysis
  • Contract Preparation
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management

Each major service category comes with a package of tasks Medpricer performs, and you can select different major service categories for each project as needed.

For example, you may need Medpricer to provide all major service categories to source managed print services. However, you may only need Supplier Outreach and Negotiation for translation services sourcing project and finally you may need Stakeholder Management, Data Synthesis, Supplier Outreach, Negotiation for window cleaning project. Major service groups are supported by Medpricer’s Platform Technologies. Medpricer Flex allows you to choose.

Strategic Sourcing Tools



Once a complete list of suppliers and locations is known by category, Medpricer Blueprint helps you address a significant challenge managing Purchased Services: gathering contracts and discovering contract expiration dates and terms. Without this, you will not proactively know whether spend is available to source or what unique sourcing strategy to follow.

Medpricer Blueprint provides a comprehensive database of contracts by Purchased Service Category, suppliers by contract, contract termination dates and contract terms that may affect sourcing.

Medpricer can help collect Purchased Services contracts from across your system or you can provide contracts from a repository. Medpricer can process contracts in scanned image, PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word file formats among others.

Once received, Medpricer runs contracts through its proprietary text recognition and parsing technology with human quality review. Once complete, Medpricer builds your Blueprint database, a comprehensive record of dates and terms covering your suppliers in all categories. Medpricer Blueprint provides information in a cloud-based, searchable and exportable tabular structure organized by category, supplier or date ranges.

Medpricer Roadmap


Medpricer Roadmap enables you to see precisely when you can book savings and have an impact on the budget. Medpricer Roadmap™ is a comprehensive negotiation calendar that includes savings strategies that are customized for your organization. Your calendar is based on the information generated for you via Medpricer’s Discovery™ and Blueprint™ Solutions. It illustrates the type of negotiation vehicle we recommend, the expected start and end dates of the project, and the dates you can expect to realize savings. Progress can be tracked in real-time using Medpricer Workbench™.

Medpricer Roadmap starts with Spend Information and Contract Expiration information. Medpricer can use the output of Medpricer Discovery or Medpricer Blueprint as the source material for creating your Medpricer Roadmap or use 3rd party spend analytics or contract expiration files as input.

With this information, a Medpricer Strategic Sourcing Manager leverages Medpricer’s unique Sourcing solutions and an in-depth conversation with you about constraints and unique need in your organization to create a detailed calendar of projects category by category, contract by contract.

Medpricer Returns to calculate your return on investment


Medpricer Returns uses information gathered in previous steps of the process to analyze expenses and review that information against realized savings. Through this process, we are able to calculate your return on investment and let you know what returns and rebates you have earned. These calculations take into account volume rebate thresholds for which you may be eligible.

Medpricer Workbench


Provides real-time Medpricer sourcing project monitoring and reporting indicating project stages, completion status and Medpricer team members working on your projects. Medpricer Workbench can be extended to include sourcing projects that your team conducts independently of Medpricer.

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