More aggressive cost savings are possible with our cloud-based technology, pre-defined approach and service options.

Why focus on Capital items?

Slipping hospital margins and EHR consumption of capital budgets often limit the available budget for capital replacement and facility expansion making capital equipment cost containment and efficiencies of scales imperative. Capital acquisition programs, whether routine capital replacement or large scale renovation or construction projects, pose unique problems to healthcare sourcing and supply chain organizations.

  • Inability finding the most competitive prices for capital equipment in a timely manner while balancing stakeholder preference, varying product specifications, warranties, delivery logistics, guarantees and maintenance services.
  • Difficulty comparing “apple to apple” prices and offers among various capital equipment providers.
  • The struggle to manage a hospital system’s capital acquisitions can overwhelm an already overstretched staff particularly for large renovation or construction projects.
  • Lack of expertise sourcing infrequently purchased hospital equipment prolongs the process.
  • Absence of reliable benchmarks or historical prices prevents realistic cost comparisons.
  • Pressure to meet scheduled deadlines can be excessive and create costly delays.
  • Stakeholder management and communications along the capital acquisition process is difficult to coordinate.
  • Traditional paper based sourcing processes are extremely inefficient and time consuming.
For the past 10 years, Medpricer’s has helped healthcare providers quickly and efficiently realize market leading prices on capital equipment acquisitions while balancing stakeholder requirements.

Medpricer’s Capital Equipment Program provides you a custom electronic sourcing platform, a proven process and expert sourcing services that:

  • Gain market price visibility through real-time electronic negotiations that simultaneously consider preference, price and terms. .
  • Realize an average of 21% cost savings.
  • Dramatically decrease the negotiation cycle as much as 3x faster compared to traditional negotiation practices.
  • Capture “apple to apple” price comparisons of different product solutions proposed by different suppliers
  • Easily involve and provide visibility to clinical, financial and facilities stakeholders throughout sourcing process.
  • Communicate with multiple suppliers throughout sourcing process.
  • Easily track and communicate specification changes with an audit trail to all suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Reuse previously run capital equipment sourcing projects and specifications for high volume acquisitions.

Leverage Medpricer’s proven sourcing process and pre-built capital equipment and construction sourcing templates to reduce project risk and save time.

The comprehensive features included in Medpricer’s proprietary capital equipment and construction sourcing process enables you to:

  • Have the greatest flexibility to source nearly every Capital Equipment category from routine capital replacements to complex construction projects.
  • Get the most favorable terms, conditions and clauses.
  • Streamline the negotiation process.
  • More efficiently evaluate alternatives for quicker decisions.

We provide best-in-class RFP Templates with detailed terms and conditions and most favorable clauses to save you time!

  • Master Purchase Agreements
  • New technology/obsolescence clauses » shipping and delivery requirements
  • All supporting documents
  • PSA’s
  • Delivery checklists
  • Negotiation requirements
  • CAD Drawings included in the online RFP

Our cloud-based technology, pre-defined approach and service options streamline the negotiation process for faster and more aggressive cost savings.

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Medpricer’s customers consistently experience a 3x reduction in the negotiation cycle and an average of 21% in cost savings without sacrificing end-user quality requirements.

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“I needed a partner to help with the sourcing and procurement of non-medical capital equipment so I could focus my attention and energy on the medical equipment purchase.”
Kevin Keller, Director of Materials Management, Crystal Run Healthcare